Been developing a FAAS backend for a mobile app while going back and forth to work in the train, constantly loosing wifi and failing deployments, it's like waterboarding for geeks

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    I dont know if it will help your workflow but chrck out mosh. Mobile shell its like ssh but designed for poop connections.

    In your situation i might setup a desktop to handle deploys: mosh / ssh into the desktop, push deploys from there. Since your file transfers are over moshe from train to desktop, and desktop has reliable connection, deploys wont fail for connection. Only trick is waiting for train ti desktop data transfer.

    I haven't actually done this but considered it more than once...
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    @Artemix function as a service. Aka server less architecture. The new buzzword that client has heard and wants it -.-
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    Are you using server less framework? I have been working on lambda. And I know your pain. It sucks balls. Why can't they just allow you to git push it. Stupid stupid design. Takes minimum of 10mins for single deployment to test
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    Using serverless framework yes - my general experience is, if you get more than 10-15 functions within serverless.yml it tends to start slowing down (due to cloudformation)

    I split up my API's per /subpath
    Which has the added bonus of being able to deploy single parts of the API
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