Time for a new laptop, bored with current. Taking community suggestions. May donate current laptop to some poor dev soul in need; has been a trustworthy machine.

I do some of a lot on any given day: c#, PHP, node and typically run vs 2017, phpstorm, datagrip, sql management, webstorm, plus slack, office, etc.

I have terrible browser tab management skills and prefer electron apps over web apps. Am a vm junkie, constantly spinning up linux distros to see something.

Do light gaming when the mood strikes, Spotify or Netflix always on.

Suggest away.

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    I'll take the lappy :D definitely need something portable to work with seeing as I'm on the move more than in at home
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    More than satisfied with my Dells!
    I'm not too sure about the gaming though
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    I have a System76 laptop - the Gazelle. It's got Intel graphics, so no dedicated GPU, but it plays quite a few titles pretty well.

    If you don't wanna go that route, the top rated brands are Asus, Lenovo, and Toshiba. Stick with those three and it should last you a while.
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    Dell XPS. Ubuntu edition. At least that's what I want to have
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    I had the dell xps for about a month, it was a really really great machine but mine had graphics problems (screen was "strobo" flashing from time to time), so I returned it. I would still recommend it though
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    Dell Inspiron gaming 15 7000, I'm getting the i7 7700hq model but you can easily get the 800$ one. It's the only gaming laptop that isn't looking aggressive and stupidly "gaming"
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    If ur very light on gaming, u dont need a dedicated gpu... In which case, get a dell xps machine... Or hell even a thinkpad wud do u well if ur on a relatively tight budget...
    But if u NEED a dedicated gpu, i think asus' new gaming laptops (10xx graphics cards) r pretty neat
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