I'm working at a startup and one of the founders asked the accountant to prepare a presentation for the company's financial state. This was back for the first trimester of 2023. It said that we are losing money but not to worry because x,y,z (believable reasons).

I had yesterday a lunch conversation with the office (except the founders) and the accountant said that we are bleeding quite a lot of money each month and the company is not looking healthy.

My boss (previously CTO, has stepped down) also left the company for unrelated reasons (mainly the childish behaviour of the CEO, increased stress, devs being fired for no good (humane) reasons, stupid decisions, devs leaving and the projects going to shit due to unrealistic deadlines by new COO) .

So does anyone has any advice for job hopping for a junior front-end dev that wants to do more back-end development in the next company :)?

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    I’m sorry you are in that situation :(

    To explore backend, do some projects on your own. Pick up a framework (Django, Laravel, Rails, Phoenix, ASP) and just build a blog or a twitter/Reddit clone. That will give you some knowledge/idea about the general concepts of backend (models, controllers, migrations, etc…) and good luck!
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    @benj Ye, back in college I had to make a few but haven't done back-end coding since i graduated.

    But I should be fine I think. It's just scary to apply for back-end jobs :D
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