What do you do when your client WANTS a shitty website?
If it's considered a UI anti-pattern, he wants it.

I'm pretty frustrated because I keep bringing him what I consider professional-quality work and he's disappointed, asks for something dumb instead. I made the mistake of giving him Photoshop and encouraging him to try to design some of his ideas. I thought he would be frustrated and decide, okay, Patrick knows best. But that backfired. Now I'm forced to answer basic questions about "how to delete the pixels" and end up on TeamViewer for hours trying to explain vector masks.

His current bright idea is to advertise his product with a comic strip. And let me tell you, it looks really, really awful. Not tasteful material-design-esq vectors, he thinks those are dumb, he prefers crude clipart. But he loves it.

I've kind of dug myself a hole here. It's what the client wants. But the client wants a steaming pile of shit. What do I do? Also forgot to mention, dude is my landlord and I'm behind on rent. FML

pic related; it's his comic

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    Nice strip good Photoshop skillzzz
    Give him what he wants. Probably a 1 page site https://onepagelove.com/ look here pick 3 u can make. Use Photoshop to make images of it. Send them to him asks which one he likes most if he says number 3 cool make in Photoshop the design with tekst images of his business ask if this is what he wants. If he says yes say your price. And build it, if he wants something unrealistic tell him you can't do it.

    If he wants shit give him shit with a nice bow around it.

    Good luck!
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    Accept the weirdness, do it, try to have fun.
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    I would have suggested to fire the client. But then he is you landlord.

    Sigh.... Did we learn the life lesson? Don't enter into business relationship with people with whom you have a personal relationship, or a dependency?

    Regarding your actual problem: embrace it and go over the top.
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    1) Never work with people you know.

    2) If the client wants to pay for shit, they're still paying. Just don't put your name on it.

    3) link him to tutorials. Save your time.
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