devRant bugreport

Im getting more and more bugs in devRant on my LG G2.

- Links cannot be opened
- profiles can not be viewed
- double tapping a rant opens the rant twice (tapping five times opens it 5 times) instead of voting it up.
- once in a while an opened rant shows up again under all the comments (with all comments as well). When this happens its exactly the ammount of comments.

Im not sure where to report this. If @dfox could take a look at this?

Gonna look up my android version in a sec. (edit version: 4.4.2)

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    @Gatgeagent thanks, I forgot I had to tag him in a comment for it to work
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    Reactivating the app also crashes the app 8 out of 10 times.
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    @Zennoe I cannot update so unless it happend 5 days ago: no
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    @Zennoe 802 it is, cant find anything for that.
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    I have the same phone and it works fine, it could be the environment that's messing it up...
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    I also have a LG G2 (802) with android 4.4.2, using stock ROM
    Facing no such problems
    (writing the comment from the same)

    There was an update, but I cannot install it OTA due to rooted phone
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    @byte "But it works on my PC" xD
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    "But it works on my machine."
    "Can I borrow your machine?"

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