We have gotten an email saying we need to use our Teams channel to place our food orders less. A random colleague then goes to the local supermarket and buys the food orders. This group chat has around 15 people that often need something from there. If you don't need it, you ignore the channel.

So we need to use it less. So we follow the orders and now we privately message everyone for their orders. Talk about a real "time gain" :D

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    Management, always working hard to prove their value.
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    Oh, I forgot the best part.

    We had a company-wide meeting where the managers said that we need to have more efficient email communication. 10 min after the meeting, we got an email about what has been said in the meeting with the extra point regarding the "food ordering" channel.

    Oh, the irony.

    The meeting lasted for 30 min, 28 minutes was about more efficient email communication. 1 min about the CTO resigning and 1 minute of greetings & people leaving.
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