Semi-remote job, sometime i need to meet people to make sure im not work with bot. Want to remote job because i wany to avoid crazy traffic jam, flood, ugly road and crazy driver every day. But still got full of payment like other who have fulltime on office.

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    Wait for having kids. Barbed wire and electric fence are useless in keeping them away from your office.
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    @hardeepasrani that's a good example, maybe will try that someday. but need to buy space on apartment first.
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    @mt3o lol, several months later i'll get my first child. seems like need more advice from you.
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    @yohohoho i have a deal that I do work whenever I want if I provide results on time. we do often short meetings with team and boss. We work with scrum. Daily with team, weekly with boss, my teamleader is my close friend.
    At home I work mostly during nights.
    I have a blanket and pillow in my office. And i'm at the office in strange hours, sometimes I arrive at 6am, but often after 10am. I leave office before 4pm or after 7pm. To stay out of traffic jams.
    I have to commute 40km to the office, so you know...
    This week I've been 3 times at office, mostly sleeping ;-) and still completed all tasks in the sprint.
    I have agreement with my boss that if something happens I'm available 24/7. Sometimes I say 'good morning' to guys in India, sometimes I say 'good night' to people from US. I live in Poland. :-)
    It's all about trust and responsibility. HR knows nothing about this :-D
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    @mt3o wow thats a great job!
    Thank you for sharing it. Maybe someday ill got that kind of job.
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    My family doesn't understand my line of work, after long weeks of explaining this to them, I stopped caring.
    Before having kids I was stereotypical developer, night owl that could spend 36h in front of pc without having a break. Well, things changed. It's a full-time job and the boss, I mean kid, has absolutely no respect for anything. Sleeping, earning for a living, even going to bathroom. But it's the most rewarding job you can ever have.
    You just have to know what you can /have to sacrifice to keep the work/life and you/rest of the world balance.
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