I guess I've just got the ideal dev job. Working from home, with nice people in my team and enough time to deliver quality work.

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    PS: my company is hiring in Germany, UK and Netherlands ☺️
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    PPS: this no hidden recruitment attempt, I just like the company 😁
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    Mind naming the company?

    It sounds interesting but I have my reservations.

    Also, you could give me a terrible team for remote working and I'd make do.
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    It looks like I work in good place.
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    @jmacmi2 it's called BE EXCELLENT ( https://www.bee.io )
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    @kb88 thanks, heads up; a self signed certificate on the public website isn't a great first impression... make someone fix that.
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    Hey, you are also from Vienna, I saw. Your Github also looks interesting. Do you have Discord?
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    @kb88 yeah sure, tell me your skype name and I'll add you!
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