I live for this :)

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    Definitely guilty of the using the last one as a git commit message before. :)
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    git add file

    git commit

    git push


    git commit --amend

    shit shit shit

    git help

    man git

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    What's that ui and what do the checkmark and the x mean?
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    @M0dev that is GitLab CI. Each pipeline has multiple jobs (like build, test, deploy). Tick means they are passing.
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    Never used gitlab so far therefore I wondered which tool you are using. My experience is a bit limited to Atlassian stuff (bitbucket) and jenkins for CI / CD. Thanks for telling me
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    Are your pushing to master directly? Not judging or anything, but merge request are really handy with GitLab :)
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    @losdanielos I'm am just setting up the structure. Once it's stable I will branch out
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    Gitlab has it's own CI?
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