I love linux because i dont have to forced to do frickin update like windows did.
Because i have an experience after update linux mint i cant even start the main GUI program. After boot only show blank console. It seem linux update broke the compatibility between my graphics card.
At least now i dont have to update because thats an option. The output of update is not different than windows.there is a chance you broke your OS.
But the struggle is when i need to install new app in linux. Sometimes need more than hour to find out why it doesnt work from the first time.
Any help here?
So this start from the office. In the office i usually use low spec laptop that work slowly. Then i found this IDE called rapidclipse. Its very promising with GUI builder and can build cross platform mobile app using only java built on top vaadin framework.
When i use it on low spec laptop hackintosh at office it work well although it take more time than other kind of eclipse and i dont need to install any kind of app again, just download-install-create new project-run on tomcat-work well.
Then i go to home to try this new tool , IMO my low spec PC still have more power to run something than old hackintosh. Because usually i use android studio with no problem. In the old hackintosh it went too long to build gradle only.
Then i install rapidclipse, then run desktop shortcut. Then it said i need to install correct java to use correct JavaFX.
After search on SO they said i must install jdk from oracle.
Ok so i got openjdk in my linux.wtf what is the different idk but dont have time to find out.
I install jdk from oracle.
Than finally can open the rapidclipse.
Wow , this gonna be fun.
Then create new project. Just a new project.
So im waiting. I see the progress at 10%. But still no increment on that.
I switch to other app for several minutes.
Then when switched back th app still at 10% and now is at no responding state. So i force close.
After that open rapidclipse again.
The previous new project can be opened. Yay, i think.
But so many error there. Omg.
So i create new project again.
But, but, i just repeated the first error then close again then try it again for several time. But still same output.
After an hour, i give up.
But still, why , just why it work like this. No error or whatsoever.
Back later i have a problem like this on different app.

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    Linux is great but can be too much of a pain sometimes...

    Just yesterday, I decided to remove windows from my msi laptop and put Ubuntu budgie on it, sorted the Nvidia drivers and installed the display link driver (have one of those targas usb dock things, as soon as the monitor starts working both the laptop display and monitor are not patchy and feel like 1fps. Back to windows, again...
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