You know your private project gets bigger than expected, when you ditch any local stores with already created logic and head over to SQL starting to design the database.
Guess this will be a longer journey than I anticipated...

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    Used to happen with me in my early dev days, now I carefully plan every tiny bit for version 1 so that I don't face such thing
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    @gitpush I would agree with you, but that doesn't really fit my style in private projects. I often just hack something together to try things out, this time the project grew past some hacky stuff, so the change was necessary
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    @YppaH this is the good and the bad of side projects, the good is, it is starting to take its shape and become something big, the bad is when started out it wasn't planned, so modifying code is now a pain.
    I do agree with the no plan part when it comes to "hack things around and see where it goes"
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