Last weak I tried to use Linux Arch on my VM. The only Linux distribution I'm used to is Ubuntu and the fist time I launched Arch I completely forgot that it was " do it yourself ". And that the ISO isn't actually a fancy installer like the Ubuntu one.

So I started following a guide and found out that the arch wiki is actually the way to go.

I searched for 1 hour how to change the keyboard to swiss-french which was actually pretty simple.

After that exhausting research that made me realise how ignorant I am with UNIX universe, I finally tried to install the thing.

When I was done installing, it didn't want to boot after I restarted. I got stuck at the 'Booting...' screen. After a few tries I lost all my energy and motivation.

Tl;dr: Tried Arch Linux, realised I had no idea, gave up after a few tries

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    @Alt-Grrr oh I didn't known such thing would existed, thank you.
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    It took me 6 tries to get it working.
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    It took me several tries too but now it's been my main OS for 4 years. Love love love it.
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    When I installed Arch I had no experience with Linux besides "apt-get" in Ubuntu. Following the beginners guide wasn't too difficult though, you just need a lot of time. Installing grub was definitely harder so I ended up with gummiboot (now called systemd-boot).
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