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    Don't even get me started ranting on Tool. Brilliant band, when the fuck will they release the next album
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    Latest news is that they are in the studio! At least that's a rumor that I really hope is true.

    Thinking about it I think I've seen them play a few new songs on YouTube. In crappy quality of course because they never record anything live.
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    Fuck yeah. This sounds like a great way to start my monday.
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    @jicmou Can you pick your favorite of the albums?

    I'm doing a play through the Discog. Just got to Aenima.

    For whatever reason, this is the one that I really groove to.
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    That's exactly what I do when I need shit done. It's like having double Adderall dosage flowing through your eardrums.
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    Why arent they in spotify?!?!?
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    @ramro I've heard some pretty shady shit about Spotify, I think Jimmy of MSI said that if you're someone like Lady Gaga you're still only getting chump change from them.

    I've pirated plenty of music and the way I see things, I'll buy your merch, pay for expensive concert tickets and street team. For my favorite bands I'll buy the album too but honestly not for the actual songs.

    They prefer iTunes because they have a good business model, but I have it out for Apple so I'm having no part of iTunes either.
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    @unfuckers-inc Sorry bro but those facts are incorrect. Spotify pay the licensor of the track, which is most often the record label. Then the record label decides how to divide the money. More often than not they keep a lot of it, to my understanding. If you do some research you'll find that this is true and that Spotify only keeps a fraction of how much money a listening generate.

    @ramro Albums end up on services like Spotify if the licensor (most often the record label, as I said) uploads it. Simple as that. Spotify, just like Apple Music or any other service, can't control this. If the owners of the album doesn't want it to be available it won't be available. If you ask any service I'm sure they all want all the content in the world, why wouldn't they?
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    @simeg I'm not your bro, dude. :P

    I assert no facts besides having watched a Q&A from the front man of MSI & his wife who talk about their experience with it.

    The dying record industry gave us top 40 bullshit, the same 6 songs on repeat.

    It seems to me that Spotify, YouTube and apple are all angling to become the new authority; and I am skeptical of them.

    I just reached "Ticks and Leeches" in the discog....it feels so very relevant.
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    @unfuckers-inc That's ok, I just wanted to get the facts straight.
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