Ok, this happend to me today, i met a girl about 2 months now was the time to met in pearson i mean real life. a "Friend" was
Insisting to me for give to he the phone of the girl.

about 4 hours later i receive a message from she saying that i was a fucking depraved and stuff like that, i ask her why she was saying that and she write "Because your friend tell me that you only want to fuck with me", i ask to my friend what he did and he say "Nothing" i take his phone and view that he said that "Oh come on he is just a fucking stupid who is on the pc all the day masturbating and with windows with letters, really do you want someone who do that.". now i dont know what to do.

In my medical history I have had depression 3 times in my life with suicide attempts.

sorry for my bad english im from chile (spanish)

now i just want to fuck of all and kill myself. i need help.

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    Trust me. You will find someone better. It wasn't meant to be. I'm sorry for being so blunt, but killing yourself is fucking stupid. You can do better. Give yourself purpose in life. Don't focus on girls or friends. Focus on yourself and your family. Spend all of your time programming and making yourself a better developer and maybe work on your personal health and fitness. Work on your career and be the best you can be. Don't let anyone else define you or your happiness.

    Also, the devRant community will always be here for you.
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    Maybe ditch that "friend"
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    @sha-i THIS ALWAYS, ALL THE TIME, FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Exactly. That person is a horrible friend. Get rid of the friend and work on making yourself happy.
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    Ese no es tu amigo , apartalo de tu vida.. hay muchas mujeres por ahi como para que te quites la vida por esa estupides, te recomiendo que veas a un psicologo semanalmente te va a hacer bien.

    That guy is not your friend, take him out from your life. Theres a lot of girls out there, dont kill yourself for that shit, you are worth more than that, i highly recommend you to go to see a psychologist weekly , that will help you a lot.
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    @crst Hola, espero que estes bien yo ya visito a un psicologo cada 2 semanas hace 2 años y la verdad no me a ayudado mucho estoy pensando en cambiar, muchas gracias por tus palabras

    Hello, I hope you are well I already visited a psychologist every 2 weeks 2 years ago and the truth did not help me much I am thinking of changing, thank you very much for your words
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    Sucks to hear that man, I've had a depression as well.

    You have to focus on what you like.
    Go do stuff you enjoy but always put off.
    You can make your own life as fun or terrible as you decide, its your life. No one can force you to do ANYTHING, its only you who can allow others to decide what you do and how to life your life. And that is the hardest lesson to learn.

    And for the girl,
    When they tell/text something accusing, its usually a test. Its not really about what you did, but how respond to the accusation.

    Tell her the truth. Yeah you masturbate every now and then, so the fuck what. Yeah obviously you would like the fuck her as well, which guy wouldn't.
    If she thinks you are a perv because of that then she can label 90% of all guys pervs.
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    Couldnt modify the above anymore, but to add to the last part.

    Respond with truth or humor. Humor is probably better but truth is still confident.

    Humor wise say you should exaggerate like:
    Yes I do masturbate, so much that my walls are completely white. It saves me on paint.
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    This shit happens, it's not your fault, the people can be very silly. Time ago something similar happened to me, my "friend" was simply jealous and had fear of losing a friend so he acted this way. Anyway, if you need someone to talk and confide we can find a way to do it.
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    @localghost, thanks for the words now i reserve an hour to the psychologist. I think devrant save me from that stupid idea of suicide. THANKS YOU ALL.
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    @cokelito1 my inviatation it's always valid even if you want a friend to talk about everything
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    Friend my dick. Go kick that moron's ass. Now.
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