This is Why I give IT support so much respect.

Friend: my computer stopped working can you help?
Me: (porn...again) fine I'll help.
Friend: come over when your ready
Me: Be there tomorrow bro

Next day.....

Me: where is your desktop
Friend: upstairs, I tried everything man
Me: look at the monitor... look at the hp piece of shit.. see green light on... look back at the monitor...no light... look at my friend.
Friend: 😕
Me: look behind the desk...
Friend: 😰
Me: 😪your monitor is unplugged
Friend: 😅
Me: fuck you lose my number

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    You didn't do your job properly, ask everything while on phone BEFORE going there.
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    There's a new way to fix all such errors, Take that computer n dip it in the swimming pool for 3 minutes. If it doesn't work well u need a new computer.
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    IT support people deserve more than they get, they're living example of "not all superheroes wear capes"
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    in case you missed it
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