What I learned so far about devRant

. People here like good civilized jokes not that explict one

. Don't talk shit about Linux Or u get roasted

. People here hate java but love coffee from java

.Some jerks are re-posting same memes that has been posted 2 years ago on reddit

. It is Better than stackoverflow you don't get down votes for asking noob questions

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    I don't think you get roasted talking about Linux its because i think a lot of Linux users get so attached to there distro and believes anything​ different they insult. Which needs to stop because its sad and i mean Linux people should be happy when people move to Linux. Were one big family.
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    Java isnt hated here
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    @Codex404 yes it is. >:(
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    @Codex404 lurk deeper
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    @sam9669 wait I thought PHP was hated here and people liked Java, :o
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    @evilmupp3t never noticed it.
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    @Codex404 PHP 7.1 gud for them, any versions before that, people have told me they become hulk and break the monitor into 4 by smashing into the ground by making a 360° backflip with the monitor in hand and using the angular momentum to smash it even harder, I think java is all time hate.
    >inb4 "java boys to the rescue"
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    @Codex404 woah woah don't stir the horde with the P word!
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    @sam9669 as PHP (7.1) user I really see more hate about PHP because its slower and inconsistent then about java.
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    @Codex404 it's just like porn, everybody likes different things, it just depends on the POV of the person.
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    @kp15 @sam9669 @Codex404 @evilmupp3t m d only one who thinks JavaScript is the most hated..
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    Java isn't hated. It's just disgusting but it's somehow really useful
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    Every language has its haters and lovers here. 😉
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    @dontPanic now that's nonsense. Its not really useful. Its just somehow still used, despite it being a simply terribly designed, outdated language.
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    First 3 points are disproven by yours truly, but last two points, not so much. Fucking memes.
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    @evilmupp3t hey, I'm not a fan of (ughh) Java and it is a shame that it exists but some fucked up people thought it would be cool to make people develop native apps for android in it. Fml
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    @busuu lol so true. Everyone loves JavaScript here, but i think its because most of the software industry (or at least half of it) uses web langs.
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    We like to talk smack about windows and linux. but its all gucci.

    Just dont mention mac
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    @Kryptic0 Agreed! You a FOSS/Linux guy yourself?
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    @jAsE boiiiiiiiiii imma knock you out
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    @Codex404 JAVA IS SHIT MATE 👿
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