I'm still trying, after many months to pick something to wrap my head around on in my free/boring time.

I wanted to learn some new language, or make a small app for my household, but as soon as I open a book, a doc page or just some tutorial I get nauseated by the code, the chapters, the effort I need to go through everything once again. It's just becoming boring and pointless unless I get paid for it.

I blame my last burnout, but it was more than 2 years ago ffs, I'm starting to think this is just an excuse.

How do you guys manage to develop side projects in your free time without getting bored?

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    I had the same question. But then I realized I didn't want to touch the code because it wasn't something i was *passionate* enough about it. Once I found a project I *really* liked. I was able to put in a couple of hours every week.

    Otherwise, it's a chore, no different from what I do for my day job
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    That's the neat part, we don't.
    You can check my profile. I've been struggling with my free/boring time as well
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    You have to just pick a problem you face ( any one that can be solved programmable ), that way you'll have the motivation to learn new things, like how do I do that in XYZ...

    That might also be a problem you already had solved with other lang/framework etc. In that case you are doing science ( comparing 2 approaches for the same problem 2 see which one will be faster,smaller or just more readable and easy for scaling/maintaining ) ;)
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    I dragged myself. I got motivation back in the day because all the negative shit happened at the same time. Lost a job, girlfriend ghosted me. I took an oath to ensure my survival and not just survival but thriving to the max...... But I had no other choice either way.

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