Back to my old true self ~ ^^
(except now I have a yellow background, what looks like some sort of beverage, and a slightly darker skin because the Sun is a deadly lazer).

(I changed my avatar hours ago, already, but I couldn't rant about it then because of the 2h cooldown, so yeeeaah)

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    ++, because the Sun is a deadly lazer
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    But what about the blue hair? :O
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    Is "the sun is a deadly laser" a reference to a YouTube video?

    I've seen that too!

    (The entire history of the world I guess)
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    Well... I guess I just have to deal with it for now :P
    I can live without it... it would've just been a nice addition to my avatar, imo, haha
    Thanks for worrying 💙
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    Yup, it's a reference to that video of that genius that is Bill Wurtz. :3
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