So for the past month I've been working on a new website for my department, it looks beautiful has a custom CMS and is all around great (not to tout my own horn or anything). Now my boss has taken it to the marketing department to get a final approval and they responded saying that a lot of departments are complaining about not being able to maintain their pages and how terrible the current ones look. They want to create WP sites for all the department's and make us maintain them. I know why I hate WordPress but they can't understand what's so bad about it. How do I convince them my custom solution is better than the monstrosity of WordPress?

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    So the current solution they are using is WordPress but it's controlled by one department and that's why we created our own, so we could match our branding and have control over the content. They are saying they will make seperate sites for every department using WordPress as well
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    This rant from a while ago is similar: https://devrant.io/rants/744570/...

    I'll direct you to my comment in there. Non-techies really don't care about the technical failings of WP. Sadly.
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