Day 2 in ComSci class (following my last rant)
"Okay, so! All of the schoolwork and homework will be done on paper and pen, submit and I will grade it. Only once, no second chance"

Okay. Okay. This went over my head. What are you gonna do? OCR the code into the compiler, compile it and run to see if we fucked up to give us an F? What are you, god? Here's a brilliant idea, teach them Assembly! Guaranteed error to give us Fs! FUCK YOU

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    They don't run code from those, they reason about it. It's bullshit, but eh, they're tenured
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    Yup, I've had professors like this. It's best to actually build the code and test it in an IDE or compile it, and when it works actually write it down.

    From personal experience though, it sounds like this teacher is the kind that will fail perfectly good code because "it's not how I taught you to do it" or "it's not the exact format I used"
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    I had to do this at well, but only code that was 12 lines while testing the basics. Do you understand variables, loops, ifstatements and the like.
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