And Google released another Videochat Service 😂

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    How many does that make, 26?
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    Seems pretty cool actually
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    @Froot yeah it looks great but why not bundle them (or at least some) to a great and powerful service? Every Service has it's own USP but if you can't decide which one you want to use it's really annoying
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    I thought Allo and Duo are the chat apps, they want you to use...🤔
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    meet.google.com was only for enterprise in my understanding, the Google answer to Skype for Business.

    And it does a damn good job answering that.
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    This is one of the only things I hate about Google. How do you have ONE very well known search engine and then a bajillion apps for one, albeit dynamic, function?
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    @configurator I thought Hangouts was now supposed to compete against Skype for Business.
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    I use PiperChat, so don't care :D
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