Crap... Another weekend wasted playing a mobile game I was better not playing...

Ended up frustrated 😤😤😤

(╯' - ')╯︵ ┻━┻


ಠ︵ಠ凸 (wow, even had this one )

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    Haha I was dealing with the same issue a couple days ago...no more games, continue your pursuit of knowledge! It's a vicious struggle.
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    During download: Im going to play this as soon I finish my task for the day.
    After download: Im going to do my task after this level.
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    I still got to finish Deus Ex the first game in God Mode. I was tired of being killed so i turned on cheating. Its a game that is relevant to what i do. Id still prefer not to game a lot.
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    What game???
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    @Jop- fun things: watch TV and movies

    Mobile games (freemium) 🙁

    Sudoku, arcade and the Brain training ones aren't too bad though
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    @Jop- I have an N64, Wii n PS2... I haven't played those since I went to college
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    Maybe I should get a console, all of my fun time consists of running, devRant, and occasional drug use...yeah maybe I'll swap that last one for a handheld...like psp > pcp
    jk I've never done pcp, but I do like psp's!
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    @karma I forgot.... Yea.....
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