$rant = new Rant('PHPStorm');

When you work with Drupal 8, you tend to become psychotic because this CMS is just a humongous load of crap. But sometimes, it's just PHPStorm that's fucking with you.

This morning, I lost 2 fucking hours because I was editing a temp file instead of my controller file, and spent way too fucking many time trying to find out where it came from until I discovered the tempfile with good ol' sublime text, and realizing the original file wasn't touched since the beginning.

I wish the huge ass SQL error message I saw to no one, not even my worst enemy.

This afternoon, while refactoring a bit of code, PHPStorm suddenly starts to whine that something is either missing or shouldn't be here (gotta love PHP, heh?). So I spent a time I didn't have to copy the whole fucking function to a notepad, then copying it back bit by bit to get where the error came from.

Guess what? Nothing went wrong, everything was ok from the beginning.

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    @phexter i'm not the one who decided to use this tempfile instead of the real one, nor the one that found an error where there weren't any 😅
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    It could be worse, it could be WordPress 😏
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