So this just happened with my ISP, i have no words...

The fact you have my password in front of you in plain text is fucking terrifying and i know you do because i used to work for an ISP.

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    WOW! I'm speechless ...
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    @jespersh Do you honestly think level 1 customer service people will be doing this?
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    So... Your password starts with "no"? 😁
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    @shellbug Shit, you got me
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    Even if they may only know the first 2 letters of the password, it weakens its strength MASSIVELY!
    Not only dictionary attacks, but bruteforce as well.
    The latter would require for a character set of 60 then 60^2 = 3600x less computing power, which is pretty significant if the password is about 10 characters or less...

    @theNSA loves this simple trick.
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    ++ for "flummoxed"
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    Yeah not a great idea.

    Also be careful with trusting on pixelation, it is sometimes possible to derive the original text
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    @kaupeyk I remember that, it was brilliant. Though he got very little time for what he did
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    At my ISP, I have a special password for telephonic verification.
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