phpstorm's reformat code feature is a lifesaver when your codeveloper keeps switching his indents between tabs and 6 spaces

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    6 spaces? Seriously? I didn't think such a thing existed 😆
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    I think it's vim's default when you copy and paste tabs.... and he has a lot of copypasta because his all his code for his entire cake app is in a single controller that's in triplicate (one controller for each type of user)
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    Ah, I've not braved the leap in to vim yet. I remember first using it and thinking "why can't I type?" And "okay, how do I quit?!"
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    i to insert, A to append line, esc to return to command mode, :wq to save and exit...
    it's useful for sshing into servers and modifying config files, but not so great as a substitute for an actual ide
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    Indeed! I feel like a rookie when I had to use nano all the time because it was easier 😅. I think I'll have to do a full day of just using vim to drive in to the deep end
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    I cannot stand space indents. And they wouldn't work in Python anyways... So most of my rasp Pi projects would break. Just keep the tabs.
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