After working 3 years in my current job and my boss hating anything to do with unit testing etc, I used my spare time to refactor our Makefiles to allow for the creation of unit and integration tests. I technically didn't tell my boss about it, so my heart was in my throat when he Skyped me with 'what did you change in ...'?

After having bashed any workflow with testing in it, I showed him the new workflow and automatic testing in Jenkins and he was actually enthousiastic, just like all other employees! I was hailed a hero in the R&D department, after all this time we can finally write universal tests. :D

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    ask for a raise! :D
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    @heyheni still a student parttimer and negotiated one last year, I'm currently in negotiations with them for setting up a stock program for employees so that should be awesome in the future! :)
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    @tomtom his words
    - we don't make mistakes / bugs
    - I want you creating new features not writing tests
    - usually tests break not the software

    And much, much more resistance. But he doesn't notice the reduced productivity from everybody having their tests on local machines, and if they're in the repo they're usually difficult to compile and require additional files, and usually only consist of a fucking output. So we spend a day determining what the test should actually do and output before we can actually get started on fixing the problem. Not even talking about all dependencies and their integration into each other, which usually say nothing more than 'it doesn't work'.
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    and whatndo you have in mind to optimize next? continous integration?
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    @caelesticode Your boss isn't unique. These anti-test people can never see the big picture, and clearly have no clue how much time tests actually save you in the long run.

    Keep fighting the good fight.
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    @heyheni actually we have CI! My colleagues and me convinced the guy doing releases to setup the builds for each commit :)

    But now that build will also include the test runs and display code coverage as well! I'm going to spend this weekend starting on writing unit tests for all our libraries! And convert most open bugs into unit tests and delegate them to appropriate colleagues with small test cases, making them actually able to find the causes and solve them fast...

    I think he will really start to see the benefits in the coming week(s) especially with small bugs and refactors :D
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    Wow thats verrrrry cool , congrats!
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