You know, in my limited experience, I find the whole CS degree debate to be quite unnerving. I mean, if you can teach yourself to be a computer genius, I greatly respect you. You're really going placed. Sadly though, learning everything on my own is a bit of a challenge for me. I just find this whole degree-holding VS non-degree-holding conversation to be very confusing. I'm currently enrolled in a 4-year CS program. I personally have learned more there iny first week than I have in months on my own. Now I know all too well that development is often more of a craft or a trade than it is a typical procedural job, but I'm honestly really anxious because I have half of the world telling me to pursue a degree (which I am) and I have the other half telling me to gain experience (which I did). The thing that is stressing me out is the continual pressure to do all of one option instead of a little of both. My life is changing faster than the tech industry, and boy is it a bumpy ride. So unless there is good advice to be said regarding the path you take to become an amazing developer, why fight over the need for a CS degree?

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    I've self taught everything I knkw, but I wish to go back to school in hopes of becoming a sysadmin
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    CS degrees are good to have starting out.

    Business and companies will usually hire someone with a degree over someone that doesn’t when your at the <= 5 year mark. But once your over that the CS degree is no longer that important.

    The company I work for seems to only hire CS grads for the most part, or it’s coincidence that almost everyone else has one.
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    Only a Sith deals in absolutes
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    @C0D4 with 15 years of experience, many companies still won't accept me because I don't have a degree.

    I don't care if other developers have a degree or not. I just want them to not be idiots.
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    @configurator were you going for anything that would require higher education? Or something that you could pick up while doing?
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    @ScribeOfGoD I'm talking about "senior front end developer" type positions.
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    At 10 years + I really don’t see how a degree is relevant anymore unless you’ve done a refresher.

    What you might have learnt over a decade ago in this industry is far from relevant unless you get stuck on some legacy system that should have been burnt to the ground long ago.

    15 years is a milestone in its self, I’m at 10 years myself.

    I can’t say I’ve had much of an issue with companies since I got passed the 5 year mark with not having a degree myself.
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    @configurator shit, I can do that right now 😂 but do I have the knowledge to their "standards"? Nope, cause I don't have a piece of paper that said I sat in a room at a computer for four+ years :p
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    If you're in a country where education is free go for the degree because it can make you learn stuff (even if it can sometimes be boring/old) and because student life/parties 🎉
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