I hate how Sketch has become a standard in design when it only supports a single platform.

What i hate more is that state "regrettably" on their website but won't fucking do anything about it.

If you want to be treat seriously, get your shit together.

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    Apple is a cancer that must vanish from the face of the earth for the good of mankind.

    Their products are mediocre at best and are overpriced, yet they treat anyone who disagrees with disdain, like they have some superiority complex.

    Their userbase has 2 digit average IQ, and follows Apple like mindless sheep.
    Their ecosystem(both hardware and software) is a prison for the user. They monopolize their software to their platform(sketch is one example of many, as with iOS development).

    They do not support Free/Open source software and community empowerment like Google and Micoroft.

    They do not partner well with other companies.

    I wish they will be gone from the world and go bankrupt, and encourage everyone bot to buy their shitty products.
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    @clovisIrex Not really what i was going for with this post.
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    @nblackburn grab some popcorn
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