Noob: Your pc? 32 bit or 64?
Me : x64
Noob: Haha, mine's x86 😎
Me: 😓

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    X86? Please. Mine's a 386! No no. Mine's an 8088. Yup.

    Lol this rant got me all nostalgic.
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    @crazyidiot It's also known as x64, only if you are a good googler.
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    @Arcadian-pandit But it's not technically accurate. x64 isn't its own distinct architecture, it is just x86 with 64bit extensions. Things like that piss me off.

    "Hey you seen my mp3, I swear I was literally holding it just now!"

    "Dude if you were holding an mp3 you'd be in for a very literally shock. Are you looking for your media player?"
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    @nmunro Things like this pisses every dev. I get it. But at the same time, I don't want to give the noob, a brain-stroke. It's just like saying "Turn on the WiFi" instead of "wifi-router"
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