I'm tired of "agile" development. Sure the concept of a hacky POC that gets thrown out for a real implemention sounds great. But it never gets thrown out. That shitty POC become the foundation for a horrible mangled mess of hacky improvement after improvement. I'm tired of my boss telling me "do it the easy quick way and fix it later", like fuck off no. I can save man weeks worth of bug hunting a year down the road by actually taking an extra day to do it right. Like fuck does no one care about quality engineering anymore?

Sometimes that extra day to write a general vs a specific implementation is worth it.

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    Something I've learned is that the customer doesn't give a fuck if it actually works. They only want to see pretty things in front of their eyes on the day of the deadline.
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    Yup, unfortunately it's better to ship crap than to not ship. At the same time this why it's hard to call us engineers because that wouldn't fly if we were put in charge of building buildings or bridges
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    That's not Agile
    It's shit
    The project manager has to believe in going Agile and client has too
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    @windlessuser yeah but clients can understand the danger of a bridge falling
    They don't about bugs that threaten security
    Bad code crashes and causes a downtime of x hours
    Bad buildings break and kill people
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    @lo98be very very true
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