Being one of the top devs (and a good student admired by most lecturers) at college, my most humbling experience was when I joined my first job. I thought I knew SQL, I thought I knew C#. I realized in the first week, the thing I didn't know was "I don't know jack".
Thanks to a couple of great mentors (it took a few of them to bring me up to speed :P), I learned that the more I learn something, the more I will realize how much more there is to learn. I used tools to create storyboard animations in WPF, and my mentor would write it all in XAML! I'd write messy SQL and the other mentor just reduces it to a couple of elegant lines. They were like tech gods to my college self, all while being humble and friendly.
They also imbibed in me a sense of responsibility to carry on the culture of mentoring my juniors, which taught me much more than just the technical side of our profession.

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    Welcome to devRant!
    They do seem like nice persons

    PS: Congrats on the face
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    Moreover mentoring someone is a good old way of solidifying your own understandings of the subject

    Kudos to the mentors
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    I can guarantee both of them have been where you are now. To borrow from Jake the Dog, sucking at something is the first step towards being kinda good at something!

    And they (probably) didn't figure these things out on their own. They, too, were taught by someone. That's why the attitude of mentorship is very important.
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    @Jilano Thanks! And yes, they're nice people and are some of my closest friends now :)
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