- "Have you ever used breakpoints?"
- "Umm.."
- "You ever saw a breakpoint?"
- "You mean like... "break;"?"

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    Noooo 😱😱
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    *sigh* is it an intern?
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    Just teach what is. Be a good coach. You will never know the future, you can help someone to be more happy with their work and they will not forget that.
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    The problem with working with Laravel is I've never figured out who to get it to use breakpoints properly.
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    What's the context? And in that context, what's a breakpoint?
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    Tell me you were speaking to a non-dev or a guy on his first year at uni.
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    I think this heavily depends on language and application.

    I have not had xdebug installed since PHP7. If you need to step through PHP code iteratively to find a problem I don't even want to know what you're doing.

    All problems can be discovered and fixed faster with unit tests and small, typehinted methods. Same goes for Javascript, testing frameworks and structure will probably do more for you.

    In Haskell, the concept of a breakpoint doesn't even make sense, once your code finally compiles its usually correct, your issues tend to be performance / benchmark related.

    Now, if you were talking to a systems programmer writing a video codec in Rust and he's wondering why it crashes on a specific keyframe, I can imagine that he would need to know about break points.
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    @gitlab just put in a PR for @break. It seems any pointless helper gets accepted these days, so surely something useful should get accepted
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    @filthyranter don't make those generalisations regarding interns :(
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    Good one algo…
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    Feed them the koolaid
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    @hash-table "You'd hate me" ... "Magento"

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    I literally never made a breakpoint or git commit in college. It was not taught.
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    ^ Same here bro (learned debugging at work, but still, at least I knew a little bit about breakpoints :P)
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    This was me coming from eclipse to visual studio, that's the moment I realised how fucking shit eclipse is and how amazing VS is compare to every single other IDE. Not just breakpoints but everything combined.
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