How to be a successful developer:
1. Identify a problem that you don't know the answer to.
2. Spend 10 minutes searching Google for a solution, trying various keyword combos.
3. Click the link to the solution in Stackoverflow.
4. Find the solution with the most +1's.
5a. If solution looks good, implement the solution in your code.
5b. If solution is not applicable, return to step 2.
6. Test your implementation.
7a. If the problem is solved, bask in the glory of success and return to step 1.
7b. If the problem is not solved, move your hand vigorously through your hair, pulling out several strands. Exhale loudly. Next return to step 2.

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    I go to SO for solutions, code syntax sometimes, commands i forgot. It is not always to solve a problem.
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    There's no shame in using SO. Collaboration, constant learning, and persistence is what makes a good dev, not total memorization of code.
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