I rented a cabin and I have a bathroom issue...

What's with these tall toilets?! I'm on my tippy toes here! How is this supposed to be better?

Also I miss my bidet. I'm as raw as Monday nights.

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    Maybe you need a squatty potty
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    Take a nature shit man
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    Tall toilets...

    This sounds like european toilets?
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    This rant sounds really French.
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    Also when ur done with the nature shit, u can wash ur ass in a creek like other animals do
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    Not European, Canadian. These tall toilets have been taking over. How tall are you people!?

    @chonky-quiche I shat in the lake and wiped with this nice looking three-pronged leaf. My ass is as sore as ever! Your advice sucks
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    @lungdart that’s karma for shitting in still water ya goon. Also wipe with a fuckin rock it’s much better eh
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    God this is so stupid
    None of these tendons stuff makes sense
    If anything they'd beore tense than before
    The only thing I could imagine supporting the bowels, is that there might be more pressure on the guts
    Of course, place a unicorn in the functional diagram video. Cause it is real!
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    And if this weren't everything, OP is trying to scam us out of our heights
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    It's a sink, idiot.
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