Just found out that I have been reassigned to maintain an in house shitty project... It's full of crap code, no documentation, has lot of duct tapes to keep the project together and 20+ open bugs and issues...

I am so happy with my current project. But my manager is always pissed off at me for no apparent reason.

Fuck this shit... Any excuse or advice to dodge this BS project? Can't quit job, I am getting payed alot here.

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    Hm. Sounds shitty. Why not make the most of it though? Try to make it better and learn something new in the process. That's what I'd do.
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    @alecjd @ClemFrieckie that code is very horrible... I can't even explain.... There are js files of 5000+ lines... They have redefined MVC model with their own black magic standards...

    I cloned the project today, it took 20 mins just to clone it to my pc. FYI my internet speed is 20mbps.
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    @abhi-inc what is the scope of the project? It sounds like it would be easier to start fresh.
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    @alecjd it's like order management system... But it has CRM, order generation, approve order feature for higher authorities, invoice generation and processing order. It has everything in itself... Like a large blob...
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    @ClemFrieckie whatever happens... Lot of rants in coming weeks...

    Mostly I will try to convince the co-founder to reassign me to some other project...
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    I had to help on maintaining and providing support to a monolithic system with loads of parts, 0 documentation, written in NATURAL and COBOL, persisting on an ADABAS database running on a Mainframe. Quitted my job at IBM in less than 4 months.
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    Sounds like all the teams I've been on in my company... Seems no one understands why and how to write clean code...
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