A possibile interview answer

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    The interviewers know being "good" in a language only qualifies if you have written a hello world program.
    So, hire me
    🐍. 🐍
    🐍. 🐍
    Ohh well, this is harder than I thought, just managed H.
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    M pretty sure they wud ask u to write hello world IN C... Instead of Using/With C 😅😂
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    😢😢😢 lol

    $ git reset HEAD

    Too late already pushed the same image to origin devRant
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    int main() { printf("Hello, world!"); }
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    @Draak there is no C in it. And shouting is not a good idea in a job interview.

    The original solution forgot the quotes though. This might be a vital criteria as we C people don't like bare/naked strings.
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    I'm a hiring manager and I might accept this.
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    @Condor ur concepts of encapsulation r mind blowing 😂😂👌🏻👌🏻
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    @RYPTAR pull request
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