Anyone of you folk dabble in stocks at all? I am trying this investing gig out with a few spare bucks...

Would like to hear out any platforms / tools you use?

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    Due to how the stock market works with commissions, it's often quite hard to get into with a small amount of money (other than havering a broker do it for you).

    Forex is similar, but generally seen as higher risk/reward, and you can get into it with a lot less money. Might be worth a look
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    *rant* Arrrgh, just deleted a comment in devRantron again by mistake!!! */rant*

    As I just typed...

    @ItsDuckyyyy This is mostly true, I bought a few stocks via my online banking, but all they really do is contact a 3rd party broker and the chain just gets longer and the fees get higher.

    That being said, a quick internet search reveals a number of comission-less platforms like https://www.robinhood.com/

    What's the catch? O_o
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    @olezhka didn't know things like this were well, a thing. it's a $6 a month fee so it would be much better for short term trading than long term investment, as you don't pay for the individual trades.
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    @ItsDuckyyyy You know 72$ a year is like the same as up to 5-6 transactions (buy or sell) with my online bank/broker combo. So this sounds pretty good, actually. Even with long term investing, I feel that I would want to have up from 10 transactions a year. Things like adding to a position, or closing part of position. Seems legit...
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    @olezhka yeah true, one of the things you need to look at is how much money you expect to make, as if it isn't going to be over 72 a year, it wouldn't be worth it. Really, you just need to start off with enough money (which is often a big issue)
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    Try acorn. I've made a whole dollar!
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    Following this bread.
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    Robinhood is a really great app for diy traders! Subscribe to r/stocks and r/personalfinance for lots of advice. r/wallstreetbets for memes and crazy advice.

    If you don’t want to diy then the company Vanguard usually has the lowest fees for Roth IRA’s and mutual or index funds.
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