Websites that only display the language based on IP address (geolocation data) can go fucking fuck themselves.



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    Lol, what about tourists, or people who live in Germany but don't understand german?
    That's bad logic to choose language by IP. 😓
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    I hate people who translate their software. Even more, those who don't default to English.

    I once graded students' Java projects.
    Anyone who didn't use English got their grade reduced.
    Because FUCK localization! We got an international language. It must be the default for everything. Especially young software engineering students.

    You can create an optional translation later.
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    @Noob you know that not everybody speaks English, right?
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    Why would they even do that... Shouldn't it be much easier to see what language is set in the Browser?
    It's probably even in the request Header if I remember correctly...
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    @Krokoklemme I guess there are more people being able to speak English than German :) Deutsch ist aber dennoch eine schöne Sprache
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    @b3b3 well, yeah, but it's not *only* about Germans ^^

    Many Asian countries for example have problems with English too, especially Japan

    Und ja, auch wenn deutsch recht nett ist, es hat seine Tücken :P
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    @Krokoklemme exactly. It's true that English is popular all over the world, but it's not the default language of the world.
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    I was travelling and using a vpn as much as possible. Not sure how but some of my shit is attached to the country I was in while doing work and won't change what it presents to me even though I've changed country preferences. So I get currency of one country and language of another a fair bit. Winning! 👌🏼
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    For some weird reason my ISP gives me an IP from Belgium even if I live in Luxemburg and that's when everything turns to French...
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    Spotify and NetFlix for instance.
    Also Google a bit. They push localized stuff way too hard.

    Also every piece of content (audio, video) must be localized with them. I can't watch non-dubbed movies anywhere, and there aren't even English subtitles available. It's even worse with games: I'm born and raised in a eastern European country but very uncomfortable using Russian (it's a hard language) and some of my friends don't even speak it, yet every big game that I buy from there has to be localized in Russian, and there is no way to buy the non-localized version. It's frustrating as fuck.
    Or how udemy chooses the currency based on signup IP (I signed up at work, where we used a company wide VPN to UK and got stuck with prices in GBP). So instead of 200USD or EUR I paid 200 GBP

    Forced localization sucks and should be banned. They are enforcing a culture based on geography of their IP or payment method.
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    amazon.de had it in all german, until recently they launch an english version.
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    story of my life. that's the dumbest trend ever
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    @Krokoklemme Yes, that's the problem. Their's mainly.

    In any case you first develop in English and then, optionally make a translation.
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    @ocalderon But it kinda is for programing/IT..
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    @Noob who ever said that they didn't do it exactly like you said? The way the localization is implemented can still suck nonetheless.

    Also, if the client's problem, it naturally becomes your problem too
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    id agree with you if i didnt know you are dutch, just get drunk and BAM perfect german
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    @ThatDude It's my own server, which is hosted in Germany :)
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    @ThatDude I only use my own servers for when I'm not torrenting :). Got some in Romania as well I think and Germany. USA is a no go for me even for my own servers :P
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    When I used to have facebook i sometimes followed/liked pages like Blizzard and it kept posting shit in French and i just realized after a few months that i was region based and you had to select what region you wanted even if your fb account was set to english
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    To much relation to daily struggles.
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    It's so true! I always get that in Dutch though! 😅 I'm not even talking about the video adds in Dutch ... that is sooo annoying! 😖
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    @Waffle-Sensei I know right! Also, very much welcomes! And have your first upvote ;)
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    IMDB does that. It shows me all the movie names in Spanish. I can't recognize them, because I know the English names.
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    @Krokoklemme Agree, still doesn't mean it's right and we shouldn't rant about it.
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    Some search engines and services, especially those which provide digital contents, have to comply with local laws, privacy policies and digital rights regulations. That's why they enforce localization. It doesn't care if you are an American tourist in Germany, if Germany laws forbid a digital content, you should be prevented from accessing it, otherwise the provider would be liable for "distributing" it.
    Of course you can still use a VPN...
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    Dutch VPN slightly fixes that issue but yeah. Also fuck eBay rectally. I put my language in English, it is in English, except the log in page and all emails they send me, those are in French. Why French? God knows. I live in fucking Flanders we have fought long and hard wars to get French out of here and back to fucking Wallonia don't you fucking dare talk French to me!
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    Old but the struggle is still there!! So sick of motherfucking apps and website communicate with me in a language I don't speak just because my IP/location is not English.

    Go fuck yourself Spotify, DiscoveryPlus, Bitdefender, Yahoo and a lot more!!!
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