Client: When I hit the “Subscribe” button, it gives me an error.
Me: What’s the error message?
Client: The email field is required.
Me: Have you entered your email before hitting the “Subscribe” button.
Client: Oh, I have enter my email address?
Me: Yes

English is a very complicated language.

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    "Please enter your email address before hitting the subscribe button" would be clearer. When you think it is dumb proof, someone dumber will come...
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    @wil222 I can't live in this world anymore.
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    The rearrangement of your tags amuses me.
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    Yeah well said!! Bitch you fuck!
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    bitch you fucked
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    I worked in customer support a long time ago. One customer wanted her phone replaced because it was broken, didn't start. Turns out she didn't know about charging the phone, which surprisingly solved the problem.
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    @wil222 or your standard
    "Sign in to subscribe to X"
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