A Bible app for Android called Tour the Bible. It uses the Google maps API to put a pin in each location as you read so you can follow along and virtually "tour" the Bible.

I had a basic version built but then I switched to Kotlin then I pretty much completely rewrote it to use an api for the Bible content instead of plain .txt files. I still try to work on it in my spare time but with a family, full time job, full time school and part time freelancing I don't get much spare time.

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    @JohnnyMuen the plan was to make it free. I'm not looking to profit from a bible app. I'm afraid of getting struck by lightning.
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    @AlexDeLarge I was afraid that might happen. This could be done with any book though really as long as there is enough travel to make it worthwhile. Maybe I'll do Around the World in 80 Days next.
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