This is when Google screws up.

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    I need a captain and an explanation
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    Ah, lmao
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    Oh shit, my comment expaining this disappeared! How? Why? NOoooo
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    You likely have the Chrome Data Saver mode enabled, so the page request is proxied through Google.
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    Not a fuckup, this is when you use Chrome on your phone.

    @kwilliams is correct, but I have found out that Chrome does that anyway.
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    Same thing shows up in Firefox. It's actually due to the data Google saw while it crawled that result.
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    Oh and there i though that the rant was about searching how to find you ip address on you device or pc. I.e open cmd type ipconfig -all
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    Juat enter that page y'all. Then you will see your real ip. What google shows in result is like when you qsk about some wikipedia shit, when it shows article start. Google found an ip address location site and shows you its contents. As google visited it, it shows you theirs bot address location.

    Captain out.
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