Really? Throwing bouncy balls to your buddies in the next row of cubes again? Self, I am disappoint.

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    Lol how did they feel about it?
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    @Michelle one happy, one less happy. Both had the good humor to stand up and throw the balls back at my wall of cups while I played goalie :P
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    Sounds like fun.
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    @uberblah did you hit them? And did they hit your wall of cups? Is the office in a mess now? 😁
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    @shellbug lol no hits on the coworkers, one of my throws bounced benignly across coworker A's desk, the second bounced off coworker B's monitor. I blocked all throws from coworkers A, B. Coworker C stepped in out of nowhere and demolished a section of the wall, which I rebuilt within 30 seconds :)
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    @uberblah 😂 sounds like you need to practice more. 😈
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