Black is the new dark.

There. I had to vent that off. It sounds so catchy.

On other news I got my stickers!!! Wohooo!

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    @-Sam- yes windows! I like my surface. The best about it was the price: I only payed for the keyboard ($100). But so far it's everything I expected. It's fast (I keep it lightweight thoufh) and light. I miss linux but the wls is enough for me to work. I mostly use it to study though, and it's perfect for reading and highlighting.
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    @-Sam- Windows may be getting a lot of hate, but Microsoft's flagship hardware these days is just spot on! Gives Apple a run for its money
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    Surface Book nnnngggghhhhhhh
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    @-Sam- yeah, lately I'm being concerned a lot by privacy too. Might switch it to Linux, but I'm not sure if the hardware is well supported.
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