Colleague is programming/scripting for over 5 years now (that I know of), even attended Udacity programming nano-degree.
Yet, he still writes code/scripts without a single function. How the hell can we start any programming best practices, clean code, or making steps towards TDD with this sort of mentality.
And it's not just him, it feels like a death by thousands cuts as the small things add up. I know we're Ops and not Devs and some other colleagues are trying really hard to get their work on the next level but I see no hope for the team as the whole.

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    These devs create what will be called "legacy" in couple years. And especially make junior devs life hell who will try to maintain the codebase.
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    @aviophile agree on that, fuck 100% ideology compliance. same goes for TDD and "WrITe TEstS fiRST"

    but it still would be nice if they would be producing something readable, maintainable, testable
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    @qwwerty half of clean code principles are extraz hassle or downright makes you jump between different files or sections(i am looking at you smallest possible function definition)
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