I want to switch careers from 3.5 years of IT and cybersecurity to development. I have no CS degree and am 22 years old.

Do you think companies treat someone like me differently compared to some college graduate with no tech experience? Or that the only experience that matters is dev experience?

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    Just know how to develop. That's all that matters.
    By the end of the day the only thing they care about is if you can get the job done.

    I studied finance in uni and I'm doing fine so you should have no problem 😊
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    I have no problem with self learning and I think I know how to develop.
    My only downside is that I have 0 real dev experience. I'm currently working on a project with my dev friends but it's far from finished.
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    @clovisIrex just keep hammering interviews. You'll get there
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    I imagine most employers won't know the difference between IT and development. You shouldn't have a problem getting interviews, at least.
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