Creating a custom arch Linux live usb.

Need install media with lts kernel and thought I'd go full hog with x/i3 and some of my apps/configs.

Wish me luck.

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    Is actually quite simple and really well explained in the arch docs.
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    @tracktraps yeah most of my time is being spent trying to get everything perfect.

    I think if the next iteration boots I may have to call it a day.
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    I love the thrill of seeing how much work you have in front of you when you absolutely don't know if anything is going to work.

    Sincerely, a fellow arch user
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    ++ing becouse you are learning :)
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    Good luck :) I did the same a few weeks ago and installed arch with i3 on my tiny old lightweight laptop. I followed the official arch install guide and lots of googling ;) it was way easier than my previous attempts years ago and turned out great! I even started learning vim and liked it
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    @querellaMMXII make sure to use i3-gaps instead of i3 cause gaps :D
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    @querellaMMXII make sure to use i3 instead of i3-gaps cause gaps :D
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    So it all worked, couple of packages missing and a few things I'd change co the next version.

    It is so nice having a full gui during install though.

    Managed to get my laptop set up in no time.
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