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I'm in a stressfull situation.
In 2 years, I will hopefully attend a university of applied science.
I have two ways to go.
I can still go on with Computer Science and up with a Bachelor.
Or I will attend a university where I will get my Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering.

I know that this place isn't really a place to discuss this sort of topic. But Idk how else I should solve it. I can not get rid of this decision. Even tho it's a personal decision, I also want to hear your opinions.

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    'Follow your dreams.'
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    Seriously though I would recommend computer science IF you want to learn computer science. Programming != Computer science
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    I know :D
    I am currently a college antendant with the major in IT.
    I was surprised that we have electronical engineering and lots of other non programming courses.
    I was like "Wasn't IT mostly about programming and networking... tf" :D

    'Following my dreams'
    I heard that a lot of times...
    It doesn't bring me forward, though.
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    @gitpull basically do you want to spend the rest of your life working for miserable clients or make jet planes?
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    If IT, then work for government as "cyber soldier" aka ethical hacker aka ... .

    Else, I would like to create my own flying machines.
    But first, I want to work for big industries to build jet planes and to gain money and experience to bring my own projects to life.

    I want to bring the humanity forward.
    So, that the following generation has it easier.
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    Since I know the struggle with annoying clients, I won't want to get into direct contact with them.
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