I have a bug.
I have a solution.
I was wrong.
I still have a bug.
I repeat.

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    I know the feeling man. But look at the bright side: when you'll finally find it you'll feel awesome. 😁
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    @CyclingMatt I actually feel stupid instead. Wanna know the fix? I put = instead of ==.

    This is what happens when you write code when you should be sleeping.
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    @karmak tough break, but at least you got it! Stay positive! 😜
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    Recently I was stuck with a piece of code behaving abnormally for around 4 hours straight with no sleep.. Turns out I had written two for loops instead of one and didn't even notice it c:

    Stay fresh and get some rest man!
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    Will the real slim shady please stand up

    I repeat
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