Went to go help someone with their wireless printer.

Client: my printer doesnt work.

Me: okay let me take a look at it.. (took a look at it and saw the power core wasnt plug in)
So it seem like you forgot to plug in the powercord. Do you by any chance have it with you?

Client: well it said it was a wireless printer so i didnt think i would need it. I threw it away.

Me: well yeah wireless as in you dont need a usb core to connect it to your computer you can just do it through wifi.. but it needs a power source in order to turn on..

Client: well then why did it said that its a wireless printer if it needs a cord? Thats false advertisement.

Me: Sir the printer is a wireless printer but you cant get power wireless you need a power source in order to turn on the printer.

Client: you probably dont know what youre doing.

Me: *its okay hes only 79 years old*

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    Would have added that wireless charging still isn't efficient enough to power that device (though not expert😅).
    Otherwise I would've just gone by his last sentence and told him "fix it yourself then, if you think you're more capable!" (i know not very professional 😅)
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    When a old (or egocentric) client say it's not his fault, it's NEVER his fault....
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    it is hard to make someone in his age understand a new concept, I wonder what I'll not be understanding when I'm in his age THAT IF I reach his age lol
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    Tec people won't have the same problem...
    We will understand that we don't understand...
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    Best line I heard from a vendor "yes, wireless, not cordless. You still need the power cord"

    Normally don't like vendors, but damn that was a good catch.
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    Being old and not up to date with tech is acceptable. But not being able to use common sense is not!
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    @Bitwise so do I
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    Tesla would print all his notes on that beast.
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