Mate got fired for expressing his opinion. Quit the next day :).

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    Way to go. Heck ya people need to do this standing up for other people.
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    Did you work at Google? 😜
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    Burn ointment... Feeling lucky
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    Sounds like a shit place to work. Good on you!
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    is your mate Alex DaMore?
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    My mate got fired without good cause and I quit the same day. Well, at least I tried to, I ready did. I got into an argument with my manager, but he got a hold on me to see if things really were different around here without my mate.
    I tried to quit 3 weeks later again, successfully.

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    Reading this and remembering the "sexist" memo makes it look like honest opinions are being disliked in some sectors of the industry. I hope it's just oversampling and not just a general trend.

    Thanks for standing up against those imbeciles.
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    Is Matthew alright?
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    Good for you!
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    Well done!
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